Module 2


The topic for this weeks elective is the importance of and creating an e-portfolio. An e-portfolio is a way of presenting yourself online, a multimedia environment of personal artifacts selected for specific purpose from a personal repository or archives. In an e-portfolio you can showcase your best work to present evidence of your expertise and accomplishments to a specific audience such as an employer or teacher.

Here are four steps to organize an e-portfolio:

Step 1, start collecting the footprints of your life which can be the work you have done or thoughts written down. The collection becomes your personal data base.

Step 2, spend sometime thinking about who you are and what you want to be, what are your goals short term and long term.

Step 3, follow your plans and reflect on your performance and thinking

Step 4, organize your thoughts and reflection in your data base.

The importance of such an element available for your future employer seems like it would be a very tangible asset to have. It would demonstrate to you an increasing about of determination and commitment to your future.

Some benefits students will gain from creating an e-portfolio as mentioned by Karen Barnstable include:

  • They will discover a valuable exercise in self assessment through the reflection process
  • Learning will take on a new depth through the reflection process
  • Their self-esteem and self-confidence will be enhanced as they take control of their learning.
  • They may develop their own goals for their learning.
  • Assessment of their learning may become more students centred; the learner is involved and authorized to make decisions about will be evaluated.
  • They will receive more recognition for individual learning abilities and preferences.
  • They will learn and begin to practice a process that will be used in life long and life wide learning pursuits

Personally I never considered having one until now, and I can see how beneficial it can be. Also it would be great just to have for yourself so that you can track all the things you have done with work and university and outside. Keeping yourself organized and up to date with all your experiences.


Barnstable, K. (2010). 41 Benefits of an ePortfolio. Retrieved from


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